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India's distrust begins against its best friend Bhutan at times of the 3rd general election

In Bhutan, India invests to further its strategic interest. It will do well to invest in some trust.
If its reactions to Bhutan's election at present is any indication, the Indian establishment does not seem to trust its best friend in the region.

By: Gopilal Acarya, 13 Oct '18, Thimphu

Many observers in India were surprised by the result of the primary round of Bhutan’s third National Assembly election last month: the ruling People’s Democratic Party failed to make it to this month’s run-off. 

It appears three sections of the Indian establishment – media, military and South Block’s Bhutan watchers – have been paying close attention to the election. While the media continues to spread unfounded panic about the imminent regime change, the military, going by a number of retired army generals’ remarks, seems worried and testy.

Bhutan’s constitution allows any number of registered political parties to contest the primary round and four did this time. The top two parties by vote share e…

The agony of Amika burned life long like the fire of a wrecked US airplane in Bhutan.

.26 Aug.18 Schipol. Born at the time and place an American Second World War fighter airplane crashed inDagana, Bhutan; Amika has the war tainted fate crashing time and again.  Her struggle to begin a second life like other 80 000 exiled Lhotshampa ethnic minority Bhutanese inAmericaended half way in The Netherlands. Today only at the age of 76 she made a kick off toAmerica.

Although forcibly exiled by the Royal government of Bhutan in the year 1991, as part of its ethnic cleansing or to reduce the population of the ethnic minority Lhotshampas, she did not feel the transition to refugee life in Nepal miserable.It’s because she was there along with the entire villagers of Tanju who are always at her side to help her out whatever she would ask for. She has two sons and three daughters. For this single mother, to nurture five children, all of them very young when they lost their father is much an uphill task in the refugee camps in Nepal as in Bhutan because of being always under the pover…

Contrasting living standard of the Dutch and Bhutan's Prime Ministers

. 14 Feb 18, Holland. The Prime Minister of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan seems to be so scared of actual and perceived threats that he invested more than 3 million of the local currency in security arrangements for his new penthouse.

This was revealed by the Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay himself, during a press conference on 12th February. He reacted to a statement by the leader of the opposition party Druk Puensum Tshogpa; Dr. Pema Gyamtsho, agitatedly released a week earlier. Gyamtsho demanded a thorough investigation into the alleged misuse of public resources by the PM for the development of his private residence in the outskirts of capital city Thimphu. 'The use of public resources for private benefits', he said, 'is a serious form of corruption.

The perimeter of Prime Minister Tobgay’s residential area is protected by concrete walls of nine feet high. They are fitted with CCTV cameras and sophisticated security warning systems. Armed police forces guard the area con…

Will Sex Save a Marriage?

Will sex save a marriage? or, is sexuality a cause for divorce?
The answer is no..... and maybe yes. But is this the real question? Does sex assure a lasting, stable, happy marriage? This is a complex issue. In the non devotional world, where sex is the norm, the divorce rate, in many nations, is around 50%. So from that angle, the answer is no, sex does not assure one a successful marriage. And within ISKCON, where sex is discouraged, some estimate divorce rates are even higher. So, that begs a much larger question. We are part of the Grihasta Vision Team, which offers marriage counseling and workshops for ISKCON devotees. While writing on the subject of intimacy for a Grihastha Vision Team book recently, our attention was caught by research done in the United Kingdom, on reasons for divorce.  The major reason cited was “growing apart”. Growing apart now trumps extramarital affairs as the No. 1 cause of divorce in the U.K., according to a survey of divorce lawyers. Since accountancy fi…

Aung San Suu Kyi could learn Bhutan's Om diplomacy for reconcilation

.09-10-17, Nl.As a Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi appears doing little to prevent the ethnic conflict in Myanmar. Over a similar type of ethnic cleansing in Bhutan earlier, an eminent minister, Om Pradhan could intervene and prevented the cataclysm.
The Buddhist states of Myanmar and Bhutan are both ruled by parsimonious authoritarians. Both populations have two distinctive religious ethnic groups. Buddhists form the majority elites. Bhutan has a Hindu minority and Burma a Muslim minority. The Buddhist regimes in both these nations have been taking strategically ethnic cleansing measures. Neither the world powers nor the United Nations could significantly prevent this.
In the global theatre at that time, the gravity of the ethnic cleansing in Bhutan did not attract much attention. In the case of Myanmar, a comparison reveals to be quite gruesome, due to the rate of expulsion of the Muslim population. The population of Mynmar is 52 times larger than Bhutan while the populati…

A neglected issue in the agenda of Dutch Minister President and Indian Prime Minister

A discussion with the Dutch over trade and commerce is the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s priority, but in the minds of Dutch politicians, the visit of Mr. Modi to The Netherlands led to questions about human rights and religious freedom, rather than to issues like trade co-operation or commercial entrepreneurship. This has a lot to do with the Mr. Modi’s political party, the BJP – under the cliché of ‘radical Hinduism’. After about 13 years the prime minister of India is visiting The Netherlands. This time, on the 27th June, Mr. Narendra Modi will meet the Dutch Royal family, prime minister Mark Rutte (along with the secretary for Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders) and a group of Dutch CEO’s. ‘Not everyone is enthusiastic about the policy of prime minister Modi and his Nationalistic Radical Hinduistic Party – BJP. Yet there is business to be done’, aired the Dutch National Radio NPO1 in the morning. Adding to this cliche, Mr. Peter van Dale, delegate for the Christenunie to the Euro…

How to deal with unexpected reversals in life! ISKCON saint explains

A question over happiness: Prabhupada told us to “Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy”. I have been chanting the maha mantra since two years and I am following the rules and regulations but I am still very unhappy. I guess that there is a problem somewhere with me. My life is a mess. Krishna gives me too many tests which I can’t handle. I have been struggling with my spiritual life and I am tired now. I am helpless.
I was engaged with a devotee for 1 year and we were planning to get married after our studies. Recently, his Guru Maharaj told him that, being so young (he is 21 and I am 18), he should remain brahmacari for the time being. So he has left me. I know that his Guru is pure and is directly guided by Krishna and his decision is most appropriate but being such a fallen human being, I am suffering a lot because being engaged for me was very important as it stabilized my mind. I am trying my best but I am unable to forget him and to get over it. Please tell   me what I should do to be…